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My Favourite Non-Restricted Long Guns (a growing list)

The Type 97

Technically this is not a Norinco made firearm, but is manufactured by their contractor Emei. It delivers with front/rear sights that you HAVE to replace (they're junk) so budget $100 to replace them and additionally you need to plonk $450 on a replacement Canadian made lower by to replace the abolutely crap OEM trigger... but despite all this, here is a gun everyone should own. It’s well made, and classified Non-Restricted! Chambered in .223/.556

And here’s two more that you should also have in your collection if you can find them:

HK 770

A semi-automatic Heckler and Koch sporting rifle chambered in .308. It uses the same action as the HK G3 (Prohibited) and only differs from its handle (stock). Now before you hit "add To Cart" you need to understand that the magazines and its dedicated HK scope mount are unobtainium (super expensive on the used market) so make sure they come with your gun. But it’s got the roller delayed blowback action of the G3 battle rifle and best of all, it's Non-Restricted.

Ruger .44 Magnum Carbine

This ‘lil guy is similar looking to a standard Ruger 10/22 in every way except it fires .44 Magnum (!) from its internal (inside the front stock) 4 round tubular magazine. It was produced from 1961 until 1985 and although not very common, you do see these turn up in a regular basis in Canadian used markets. It’s semi-automatic, Non-Restricted and a blast to shoot. I have one with a 1-4x scope and its perfect for 100 yard shots. I love the .44 Mag cartridge.



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